Active co-ownership of strong Danish B2B companies

About VPK

Vækstpartner Kapital is a private equity fund with a focus on Danish B2B growth companies. We invest growth capital on behalf of three funds, VPK Fond I K/S, VPK Fond II K/S and VPK Fond III K/S.

As co-owners, we are extraordinarily active contributors to execution of strategic initiatives and value creation based on deep operational experience in our team.

Our investors include some of the larger family offices in Denmark, and a broad range of executives and business owners from Danish industry. The investor base is a true asset that actively contributes to the value creation across our portfolios.

Investment criteria

  • Based in Denmark

  • Revenue of DKK 10-100 million

  • Technology / product owner

  • Proven scalable business model

  • Solid growth potential

  • Open to active co-ownership